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Thus after all things were made fit and ready, the Emperess began her Journey, I cannot properly say, she set Sail, by reason in some Part, as in the passage between the two Worlds (which yet was but short) the Ships were drawn under water by the Fish-men with Golden Chains, so that they had no need of Sails there, nor of any other Arts, but onely to keep out water from entering into the Ships, and to give or make so much Air as would serve for breath or respiration, those Land Animals that were in the Ships; which the Giants had so Artificially contrived, that they which were therein found no inconveniency at all: And after they had passed the Icy Sea, the Golden Ships appeared above water, and so went on until they came near the Kingdom that was the Emperess's Native Countrey; where the Bear-men through their Telescopes discovered a great number of Ships which had beset all that Kingdom, well rigg'd and mann'd.