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Dear Country-men, for so you are, although you know me not; I being a Native of this Kingdom, and hearing that most part of this World had resolved to make War against it, and sought to destroy it, at least to weaken its Naval Force and Power; have made a Voyage out of another World, to lend you my assistance against your Enemies. I come not to make bargains with you, or to regard my own Interest, more then your safety; but I intend to make you the most powerful Nation of this World; and therefore I have chosen rather to quit my own Tranquility, Riches and Pleasure, then suffer you to be ruined and destroyed. All the Return I desire, is but your Grateful acknowledgment, and to declare my Power, Love and Loyalty to my Native Country; for although I am now a great and absolute Princess and Emperess of a whole World, yet I acknowledg that once I was a Subject of this Kingdom, which is but a small part of this World; and therefore I will have you undoubtedly believe, that I shall destroy all your Enemies before this following Night, I mean those which trouble you by Sea; and if you have any by Land, assure your self I shall also give you my Assistance against them, and make you Triumph over all that seek your Ruine and Destruction.