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But they replied her Majesty, That the knowledg of Nature, that is, Natural Philosophy, would be imperfect without the Art of Logick, and that there was an improbable Truth which could no otherwise be found out then by the Art of disputing. Truly, said the Emperess, I do believe that it is with Natural Philosophy, as it is with all other effects of Nature; for no particular knowledg can be perfect, by reason knowledg is dividable, as well as composable; nay, to speak properly, Nature her self cannot boast of any perfection, but God himself; because there are so many irregular motions in Nature, and 'tis but a folly to think that Art should be able to regulate them, since Art it self is, for the most part, irregular. But as for Improbable Truth, I know not what your meaning is; for Truth is more then Improbability; nay, there there is so much difference between Truth and Improbability, that I cannot conceive it possible how they can he joined together. In short, said she, I do no ways approve of your profession; and though I will not dissolve your society, yet I shall never take delight in hearing you any more; wherefore confine your disputations to your Schools, lest besides the Commonwealth of Learning, they disturb also Divinity and Policy, Religion and Laws, and by that means draw an utter ruine and destruction both upon Church and State.