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I came not here, said she, to bear Fortune flattered, but to hear the Cause decided between Fortune and the Duke; neither came I hither to speak Rhetorically and Eloquently, but to propound the case plainly and truly; and I'le have you know, that the Duke, whose Cause me argue, was and is my Foster-son; For I Honesty bred him from his Childhood, and made a perpetual friendship betwixt him and Gratitude, Charity and Generosity; and put him to School to Prudence, who taught him Wisdom, and informed him in the Rules of Temperance, Patience, Justice, and the like; then I put him into the Univerity of Honour, where he learned all honourable Qualities, Arts, and Sciences; afterward I sent him to travel through the World of Actions, and made Observation his Governour; and in those his travels, he contracted a friendship with Experience; all which, made him fit for Heavens Blessings, and Fortunes Favours: But she hating all those that have merit and desert, became his inveterate Enemy, doing him all the mischief she could, until the God of Justice opposed Fortunes Malice, and pull'd him out of those ruines she had cast upon him: For this Go'ds Favours were the Dukes Champions; wherefore to be an Enemy to him, were to be an Enemy to the God of Justice: In short, the true cause of Fortunes Malice to this Duke, is, that he would never flatter her; for I Honesty, did command him not to do it, or else he would be forced to follow all her inconstant ways, and obey all her unjust commands, which would cause a great reproach to him: but, on the other side, Prudence advised him not to despise Fortunes favours, for that would be an obstruction and hinderance to his worth and merit; and He to obey both our advice and counsels, did neither flatter nor despise Her, but was always humble and respectful to her, so far as Honour, Honesty and Conscience would permit: all which I refer to Truths Judgment, and expect her final sentence.