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The Emperess was very glad of this motion of the Emperor, and immediately sent for the Soul of the said Duchess, which in a minute waited on her Majesty. Then the Emperess declared to her the grievance and sadness of her mind, and how much she was troubled and afflicted at the News brought her by the Immaterial Spirits, desiring the Duchess, if possible, to assist her with the best counsels she could, that she might shew the greatness of her love and affection which she bore to her Native Countrey. Whereupon the Duchess promised her Majesty to do what lay in her power; and since it was a business of great Importance, she desired sometime to consider of it; for, said she, Great Affairs require deep considerations; which the Emperess willingly allowed her. And after the Duchess had considered some little time, she desired the Emperess to send some of her Syrenes or Mear-Men, to see what passages they could find out of the Blazing-World, into the World she came from; for said she, if there be a passage for a Ship to come out of that World into this; then certainly there may also a Ship pass thorow the same passage out of this World into that. Hereupon the Mear-or Fish-men were sent out; who being many in number, employ'd all their industry, and did swim several ways; at last having found out the passage, they returned to the Emperess, and told her, That as their Blazing-World had but one Emperor, one Government, one Religion, and one Language, so there was but one Passage into that World, which was so little, that no Vessel bigger than a Packet-Boat could go thorow; neither was that Passage always open, but sometimes quite frozen up. At which Relation both the Emperess and Duchess seemed somewhat troubled, fearing that this would perhaps be an hinderance or obstruction to their Design.