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The morning after, when the Navies were to fight, the Emperess appear'd upon the face of the Waters, dress'd in her Imperial Robes, which were all of Diamonds and Carbuncles; in one hand she held a Buckler, made of one intire Carbuncle, and in the other hand a Spear of one intire Diamond; on her head she had a Cap of Diamonds, and just upon the top of the Crown, was a Star made of the Star-stone, mentioned heretofore, and a Half-moon made of the same stone, was placed on her forehead; all her other Garments were of several sorts of precious Jewels; and having given her Fish-men directions, how to destroy the Enemies of her Native Country, she proceeded to effect her design. The Fish-men were to carry the Fire-stones in cases of Diamonds (for the Diamonds in the Blazing-world are in splendor so far beyond the Diamonds of this World, as Peble-stones are to the best sort of this Worlds Diamonds) and to uncase or uncover those Fire-stones no sooner but when they were just under the Enemies Ships, or close at their sides, and then to wet them, and set their Ships on fire; which was no sooner done, but all the Enemies Fleet was of a Flaming-fire; and coming to the place where the Powder was, it streight blew them up; so that all the several Navies of the Enemies, were destroyed in a short time: which when her Countrymen did see, they all cried out with one voice, that she was an Angel sent from God to deliver them out of the hands of their Enemies: Neither would she return into the Blazing-world, until she had forced all the rest of that World to submit to that same Nation.