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The other Chappel, which was lined with the Star-stone, did onely cast a splendorous and comfortable light; both the Chappels stood upon Pillars, just in the middle of a round Cloyster which was dark as night; neither was there any other light within them, but what came from the Fire- and Star-stone; and being every where open, allowed to all that were within the compass of the Cloyster, a free prospect into them; besides, they were so artificially contrived, that they did both move in a circle about their own Centres, without intermission, contrary ways. In the Chappel which was lined with the Fire-stone, the Emperess preached Sermons of terror to the wicked, and told them of the punishments for their sins, to wit, that after this life they should be tormented in an everlasting fire. But in the other Chappel lined with the Star-stone, she preached Sermons of comfort to those that repented of their sins, and were troubled at their own wickedness; Neither did the heat of the flame in the least hinder her; for the Fire-stone did not cast so great a heat but the Emperess was able to endure it, by reason the water which was poured on the stone, by its own self-motion turned into a flaming fire, occasioned by the natural motions of the Stone, which made the flame weaker then if it had been fed by some other kind of fuel; the other Chappel where the Star-stone was, although it did cast a great light, yet was it without all heat, and the Emperess appear'd like an Angel in it; and as that Chappel was an embleme of Hell, so this was an embleme of Heaven. And thus the Emperess, by Art, and her own ingenuity, did not onely convert the Blazing-world to her own Religion, but kept them in a constant belief, without inforcement or blood-shed; for she knew well, that belief was a thing not to be forced or pressed upon the people, but to be instilled into their minds by gentle perswasions; and after this manner she encouraged them also in all other duties and employments, for Fear, though it makes people obey, yet does it not last so long, nor is it so sure a means to keep them to their duties, as Love.